The big story is Covid-19. As of today, we are still working and inspecting homes. Realty Associations, FABI and InterNACHI have gone to bat for the real estate industry to keep us working. People are still moving into Central Florida. They need homes. Home construction is still ongoing. They wouldn’t be building them if they could not sell them.
i-Inspect has trained for COVID-19
We’ve taken additional training for your and our safety from this virus. Because of the contagious nature of COVID, we are adding additional personal protective equipment for occupied homes. Gloves, masks and shoe booties will be worn in occupied homes for our and the occupant’s safety.

In addition, we are asking our clients and realtors to please not be in the home while we are inspecting. If the client wants to show up at the end of the inspection for a summary, that is fine, but please don’t bring the family. 

Thank you and we understand this is different from our normal operating procedures.

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