Draining One Roof Onto Another Roof

I see this quite often on two-story homes and condos.  There are nice gutters on the upper and lower roofs, but the upper roof drains onto the lower roof.

What the gutter installer has done is take all the water from the roof surface of the gutter above and concentrate it into one small area.  This is worse than no gutters at all.  Water will come out of the downspout with lots of velocity and force, quickly removing the protective granules from the shingles. This will quickly age the affected shingles, resulting in early failure of the roofing (a leak).

In the example picture, there is also a kickout used as a splash block to prevent the water from overshooting the gutter below. This will only serve to back water up in this area and drive the water under the shingles and behind the stucco wall .


Improper downspout dumping water from one roof onto another roof

The correct installation would have the downspout extended to the gutter below and turned down into the lower gutter, or even better, have the downspout at a location where the water could be taken to the ground.


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