Dryer Vents

In many homes, the dryer vent does not exit an adjacent exterier wall.  Newer homes typically have the dryers in an interior closet and the dryer is vented vertically through the roof.  If that is the case, the dryer vent should be metal pipe with each joint sealed with metallic tape.

Occasionally, something happens during the life of the home, perhaps during the dryer install, perhaps during the ductwork install during the homes construction.  When really does not matter, what matters is that the vent pipe has been damaged and become disconnected.  This will allow lots of warm moist air into the attic, leading to fungus and mold growth.  In addition, dryer lint that gets through the filter will be deposited in the attic.  This lint is not treated with flame retardant like your attic insulation, but is very flammable.


This should be repaired as soon as possible. Left un-repaired, it will lead to ruined insulation, wood rot, mold issues and possible fire hazard.


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