Four Point Inspections

Four point inspections are primarily done for insurance companies.  Most insurance companies want to see a four-point done for a home older than 20 years old, but I’ve had insurance companies request a four-point on homes newer.

A four point inspection is not a home inspection.  It only covers four systems in the home and it does not cover the systems in the detail that a full home inspection does.  It is to tell the insurance company the age of the major components, if those components are working, and the expected remaining life of those components.  It will comment on the Electrical System, the Heating/Cooling System (HVAC), the Plumbing System and the Roof.

The Electrical System is checked at the breaker panels.  Wiring type is identified (knob & tube, fabric coated romex, modern romex), Panel and breaker brand are identified.  Wire type is identified (copper or aluminum).


Heating / Cooling system is checked for function. Brand is identified. Age of system is identified. Added units (gas heaters, etc.) are further investigated.


Plumbing System is checked for function (no apparent leaks).  Plumbing type is identified (copper, poly, PEX, CPVC, etc.). Water heater is dated.


Roof system is visually examined for defects. Roof is dated from building permits or other documents.



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