Interior Key Locks

Occasionally I come across exterior doors with keyed locks on the interior.  This is often done in the mistaken belief of security. Because there is a window near or in the door, there is a false need to put a keyed lock on the inside.  A burglar could break the side window and reach in and open a thumb latch.  That is somewhat true.  But, glass in a door or next to a door is supposed to be tempered glass and is much harder to break than regular glass.  Secondly, I’ve never seen a home without a window that could not be broken to gain access to the home. In fact, this is the usual manor of entry I see in empty homes.


But most importantly, in the event of a fire, the occupants are going to need to leave the house quickly.  When seconds matter, and your brain is in panic mode, the last thing you need to do is spend minutes looking for the key to the door.  As one of my firemen friends said, “This is where we’ll find the bodies after the fire.”


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