More Fun With Flex Drain

Flex drain is a boon to those that cannot seem to get the plumbing to connect properly. Usually, a bit of wiggling and fitting and a plumber can get by without using this stuff.  However, those that should not be allowed under the sinks seem to love using it in the most unusual and in improper fashion.

Here, we see a flex drain used horizontally to move water uphill from a garbage disposal to the sink drain, then from the sink trap to the sewer connection at the wall.  Flex should not be used in a horizontal application.  The ridges trap bits of food and anything else washed down the drain.  Not to mention that water does not gravity flow uphill very well at all.



Then here, another industrious homeowner has used flex drain pipe to get from the sink to the wall connection.  The only trouble is he forgot the trap.  Traps are very important as they hold water to prevent the sewer gasses from coming back up the system into the home.  Yes, the bathroom did smell somewhat like the septic tank. Notice the connection at the bottom of the sink tail pipe to the flex drain.  This person should have called a licensed plumber.


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