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Citizen’s Four-Point Inspections: New Form, New Price

Citizen’s has come out with a revised Four-Point Inspection form. Insurance agents are supposed to only accept this form as of September 1, 2018.  In order for our client’s to have this form by that time, we will begin using the new form July 1, 2018. This gives 60 days for anyone to close and have the new form on hand. The new forms asks for much more information than the previous form. In addition to everything the old formRead More…

Purchasing a New Home and Why You Need a Realtor and a Home Inspector

You drive into a brand new subdivision that XYZ Homes is building.  There is construction going on all over the place and you fall in love with one of the models.  Next stop is the sales office. There you meet a very nice salesperson that would love to help you purchase a brand new home. STOP! That sales agent is a realtor.  A realtor that works on commissions from sales of these new XYZ Homes.  If you put yourself underRead More…

Dryer Vents

Dryer Ducts: the leading cause of house fires.

Stickers and Their Information

Lots of products have stickers or tags when you purchase them.  Most of them can be removed.  For example, you don’t keep the stickers and tags on your clothes.  But most of you do leave the tag on your mattress. Some tags are important to be left in place.  The one on your garage door, entry door or window may save you money when your home inspector does a Wind Mitigation Inspection for you.  These stickers tell the inspector ifRead More…

Plumbing Vent Boots

Damaged boots lead to wet walls.

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