Using All the Tools in Our Basket

As a home inspector, we have access to several tools that the average person just will not have in their garage.  We have moisture meters to detect moisture in walls and wood.  We have infrared cameras to “see” moisture.

The moisture meter can send a signal into the wall and detect the amount of moisture in a surface or it can use electrical resistance between two probes to detect the amount of moisture.


The infrared camera does not actually see moisture, but wet areas will cool down or heat up at a different rate than a dry area. This creates a temperature difference that is visible in infrared.

FLIR i-7

On this home, I found an infrared area that was suspicious under one of the bedroom windows.



There was a cool spot below the window. Being the vigilant home inspector, I double checked this area with my moisture meter and discovered high levels of moisture.  The wall read 65% saturated where normal levels are 11 to 12% for drywall in our area.DSC08619

Further examination revealed an exterior roof gutter that was not properly sealed to the wall, allowing moisture to enter the wall cavity.DSC08708

The gutter had to be repaired and the drywall removed in this area to replace the soaked insulation and to check for structural deterioration and for mold.

Just one of the reasons to hire a competent home inspector prior to your next home purchase.


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