Why some inspectors charge more for older homes.

You get into one of the older homes and it is very occupied by a current resident.  They have stuff everywhere and it tends to be exactly where you need to be inspecting:

  • Large cabinets against wall that have moisture issues.
  • Area rugs on wooden floors that are very bouncy, cabinets full of cleaning supplies.

Very Occupied Room

Then there is just the fact that it is an older home. The codes were not the same back then or they were non-existent. Additions that were not done up to code back then, let alone now. Pre 1978 and there is a good bet you’re dealing with asbestos containing construction products (use a mask in the attic).  Some of the older products just are not up to today’s standards:

  • Federal Pacific electric panels.
  • Single strand aluminum wiring.
  • Awning (crank) windows that won’t seal, so they’ve been screwed shut with sheet metal screws.
  • Jalousie windows – don’t open them, the only thing that holds the glass in is a small tab of sheet metal.  Once it has corroded away, opening the window lets the glass slide out and break.
  • Central Air Conditioning was added at some point.
  • Old drip oil heaters with underground tanks (hopefully removed a long time ago).

Electric panel behind plumbing


Jalousie Window


Leaking skylight blacked out


Skylight blacked out with a rubber pad

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