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i-Inspect, LLC is the most technically advanced Home Inspector in the Greater Orlando area, bringing over 35 years of construction experience to your home inspection.

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April is almost over and we’re still talking about COVID-19

April and we are still talking about COVID-19. May your May be better.
Advanced Pool Inspections now available.

Is Laminate Flooring Really Waterproof ?

Lots of the products labeled as “Water Proof” are still not designed for wet environments where lots of water will get on them.

Hurricane Season is Coming

We at i-Inspect have added a new service; the General Report with Interior Photos or GRIP for short. It is designed to help you in an insurance claim recovery in the event of a disaster such as hurricane damage, fire, sinkhole, etc.


The big story is Covid-19. As of today, we are still working and inspecting homes. Realty Associations, FABI and InterNACHI have gone to bat for the real estate industry to keep us working. People are still moving into Central Florida. They need homes. Home construction is still ongoing. They wouldn’t be building them if they could not sell them. i-Inspect has trained for COVID-19We’ve taken additional training for your and our safety from this virus. Because of the contagious nature of COVID,Read More…

How to & How Not to Maintain your AC

First thing is to make sure you have an AC system. If the condenser (the outside unit) is just buzzing, you are going to need a service call. If the fan is running and hot air (in Cool Mode) is coming out of the top, but it still is not cooling correctly, check for bushes too close to the unit. We recommend that all vegetation (shrubs, bushes, etc.) be trimmed at least two feet away from the the condenser. IfRead More…

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